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Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan Cuisine

Morocco’s food is without a doubt one its biggest draws. Years of cultural interchanges has made its cuisine rich and diverse.

Morocco’s cuisine is one of a kind, a convergence of Berber, Arabic and Mediterranean influences. Simplicity and refinement in its preparation are combined with the combination of salty and sweet flavors and an intensive use of spices and seasonings.

Main Features

One of the most pronounced features of Moroccan cuisine is its family style, with people often sitting around the table and talk with friends and family.

Among the best known main dishes, two stand out: couscous, made with wheat semolina, usually served with vegetables, chicken or lamb. The second is the tajine, the name given to everything that is cooked in a special clay dish with a conical lid whose function is to keep in heat and steam during and after cooking.

Cumin and ras el hanout (a mixture of condiments that are sold wholesale in the markets) are two frequently used spices. Another ingredient that stands out is phyllo dough, used to make the famous pastilla.

Grains and bakery goods are everywhere, bread baked in a wood-fired oven being the undisputed king. Honey and almonds are a fundamental part of Moroccan pastries and are the usual way to finish off a nice lunch with a tea.

The seasonal fruits and vegetables make their way into tasty salads, juices and smoothies. In the coastal cities, you’ll find high quality and good value fish and seafood.

When it comes to meat, of course pork is prohibited in Islam, so the main options are chicken and especially lamb, which is one of the favorite dishes for entertaining guests. The Festival of the Lamb is also one of the most typical local celebrations.

Tea is not only the preferred drink of the Moroccans, but also one of the greatest representatives of its cuisine and culture. More than just a drink, sitting down to tea is allowing oneself to revel in simplicity and a unique philosophy of life.

Moroccan Recipes

Although of course the best way to enjoy authentic cuisine is to taste it in its place of origin, we hope the recipes below will give you a taste of Morocco.


Moroccan mint tea recipe. Moroccan recipes

Check out our recipe for Moroccan mint tea and learn about the fascinating tea culture in Morocco.

Banana and avocado smoothie recipe. Moroccan recipes

Try a banana and avocado smoothie, one of the best ways to stay cool and to imagine you’re at the food stalls of Djemaa el-Fnaa.


Batbout recipe. Moroccan cuisine

Batbout are Berber rolls, especially popular during Ramadan.

Bissara recipe. Easy Moroccan recipes

Bissara is an entree very similar to hummus, made from broad beans instead of chickpeas.

Kefta recipe. Famous Moroccan foods

The most popular way to prepare minced meat in Morocco is kefta. Check out our kefta kebab recipe.

Seafood briouats recipe. Moroccan cuisine

Seafood briouats are a variant of the most common briouat, and are stuffed with shrimp, mussels and rice noodles, all seasoned with harissa.

Moroccan Tomato Soup

A bowl of Moroccan tomato soup is a simple way to warm up in the winter months.

Zaalouk Recipe (Moroccan Eggplant Salad)

Zaalouk, also known as eggplant salad, is one of the most traditional and characteristic starters in Moroccan cuisine.

Main Dishes

Moroccan chickpea salad. Moroccan cooking recipes

If you are looking for a simple and refreshing dish, check out this chickpea salad.

Couscous with chicken and vegetables recipe. Traditional Moroccan dishes

Moroccan cuisine would be incomplete without couscous with chicken and vegetables.

Harira recipe. Moroccan food recipes

Harira is one of the most common and balanced Moroccan dishes, reaching its maximum expression in Ramadan, during the breaking of the fast.

Sweet couscous. Sweet moroccan couscous dessert

Seffa is sweet couscous widely used in celebrations and other special occasions, served between dishes to cleanse the palate.

Kefta tagine. Moroccan meatballs recipe

Try this kefta, tomato and egg tajine recipe to see one of the most common ways to use the tajine in Moroccan cuisine.

Beef, apples and raisin tajine recipe. Moroccan dishes

If you want to try a unique tajine, check out this beef, apples and raisin tajine by Juana, from the blog “La Cocina de Babel (Babel Kitchen)”


Chebakia recipe. Moroccan cooking

Learn how to make chebakia, which is usually eaten when breaking the Ramadan fast.

Milk bastilla recipe. Moroccan food

An interesting variation of one of the most famous Moroccan dishes is the milk bastilla, often seen in celebrations.

Where to eat in …

If you enjoy tasting Moroccan food more than cooking it, you will be interested in the following articles, where we show you the best places to eat in each city of Morocco.

Where to eat in Chefchaouen. Moroccan food guide

Discover where to eat in Chefchaouen: we recommend some traditional restaurants and places to snack, even where to have a beer!

Where to eat in Marrakech Moroccan food

Check out the best traditional, fish and fast food restaurants in Marrakech, and even where to sip on some tea while getting a henna tattoo.

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