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Feel Morocco: Reviews

Feel Morocco:

See what other people who have traveled with us to Morocco have to say

¬†We took a private tour with an overnight stay in the desert, and it was a good experience. Worthy of mention is Mustafa, our Moroccan guide, who quickly understood what type of trip we wanted to take (more similar to an ‚Äúindependent trip‚ÄĚ than a guided tour) and he did his best to meet our expectations. He took us to eat at local places and shared with us as much as possible about the culture and the place. Walter Malaguti

Walter Malaguti

Our trip was fabulous and all has gone perfectly. The Riad in Chefchaouen and in Tangier were pleasant, especially the first one.

On the first day we went by train to see the town of Asilah, we had heard that it was a great place, and so it was, a cute fortified town on the shores of the Atlantic. The train ride with all the Moroccan people was enjoyable.

If we return to Morocco, we will contact them once more.  Thanks and greetings  Javier Carvajal

Javier Carvajal

Our trip to Marrakesh and to the desert of Zagora was incredible, everything went perfectly, just as planned and scheduled.

We really liked the Riad, especially its location. The personal attention was very good. We really enjoyed the trip to the desert of Zagora.  Our driver Mohamed was kind and charming. The transfers from the airport to the Riad and back again were smooth. Salah was also very attentive of us.

Surely we will return again and for certain we will contact you again. Nuria Teresa Garcia-Minguillan Marcos

Nuria Teresa Garcia-Minguillan Marcos

It was awesome, thanks to Mohammed! Without a doubt he is the best guide! He accompanied us, guided us, explained everything about his culture, religion, cities, etc. Also, he is a very good photographer and very fun.

We will surely return. Thanks for everything! Alber and Gemma

Alber i Gemma

 The trip was perfect!

We couldn’t have loved it more. I was really really good. We are very pleased with everything and our guide Moha was the best! He was super attentive to us two, he explained everything to perfection and treated us like queens

Thank you very much for everything, we only have good things to say, and will without a doubt do this again! Mariluz Canovas

Mariluz C√°novas

 I must say that everything was awesome, the Marrakesh hotel was in the perfect location and the others were good too.

The trip to the desert was spectacular and the return was impressive, with snow on the Atlas Mountains. We must especially mention our driver/guide Rachid, who is very professional and a great person. Purificacion Vicente Requena

Purificación Vicente Requena

 I want to congratulate the agency for organizing the trip so well. We had a great time.

Everything went perfectly. The driver was fabulous, the hotel was fantastic (they even had breakfast prepared for us at 7 in the morning). The guide was kind and friendly.

Well done! We will surely do this again.¬† Mary Ma√Īas

Mary Ma√Īas

 This is a very responsible tour company, they did everything that had been planned and everything was organized remotely.

Very very good service.  Maria del Carmen Martino

Maria del C Martino

 It was an unforgettable experience and I hope to do this again, but next time for more days in the desert, since one night was not enough.

Thanks to Maria Luz for organizing it and for always responding to our emails with questions.

A special thanks to our guide and driver AMINE for making this trip an unforgettable experience. Thanks to him we learned more about his culture and customs. We felt at home and this experience has given us a friend, whom we hope to return to see as soon as possible.

Also, we would like to thank the group of boys that took care of us and treated us as if we were just one of the guys, we had the sensation of being at home with friends. We hope to see everyone in the near future. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. Adelaida Lema Martinez

Adelaida Lema Martínez

Four of us girls took a tour to the Valle de Ourika and everything was perfect.

Both, our guide Mustafa, as well as the driver Amin made our day great. Gemma Almendro Rodriguez

Gemma Almendro Rodríguez

At first we had many doubts about how this trip would turn out, but then everything went perfectly when we went to the waterfalls at Ouzoud and the Southern part of Morocco with Mohammed. We made a circle from Marrakesh, passing through Ouarzazate, A√Įt Ben Haddou, Atlas Mountains, Valley of Dades, The Todra Gorge, Erfoud, Merzouga and the magnificent dessert, went up towards Fez, passing through the Cedar forest and then arrived at Fez.

Our guide was always with us, Mohammed was both our guide and driver, he is a great person, worth meeting. He showed us his country, culture and traditions. We enjoyed every moment. I want to congratulate you for having such a great person as Mohammed on your team.

Very worth doing it again, and if it’s with Mohammed many more times! Greetings Irene and Ruben

Irene y Rubèn

 We traveled with Feel Morocco to Essaouira. It was a wonderful trip, the guides were attentive throughout the whole trip. The city guides gave us a beautiful and well explained tour.

We recommend, without a doubt, Feel Morocco to get to know this country. Jose Angel Sanchez

Jos√© √Āngel S√°nchez

 It was the best experience of my life, had I know I would’ve stayed more days in the desert. Thanks to Maria Luz for organizing everything and for responding to all my emails with our questions.

We wanted to highlight all the logistics since we arrived in Marrakech, everything was perfect! The Riad Omar was EXCELLENT, clean service, exquisite food, friendliness and human capital, needless to say.

Our guide in the Mustafa desert and the driver made those magic days! Beautiful people, warm, friendly, attentive to everything!

I wanted to emphasize that we did not ride camels for ethical reasons, but upon arrival at the camp they were in perfect condition, without muzzles, calm, and with minimal ropes holding them. Upon arrival I let them rest until the next day.

Thanks for everything! Veronica Canosa

Verónica Canosa

 Everything went well from the very beginning. Personal attention and always ready. I contacted them and the whole process took place from Mexico and it was easy and there was a secure way to pay.

We took a tour through the North of Morocco, and the tour took place just as they had described it.

It was punctual from the beginning. Our guide in Tetouan and Tangier, Larbi, was excellent. Our guide in Chaouen was Ahmed, he was super nice. and I’m recommending it to my family. Rocio Viteri

Rocío Viteri

 Everything was stupendous, the Riads, the guide in Chaouen, the transportation, we have had an awesome time, and will surely return to travel in Morocco with you guys. The next time to Fez and Marakesh. Maria Carmen Castrillo

Ma. Carmen Castrillo Cascajo

 A private night excursion in the desert that was wonderful. Everything is very well organized, the dinner, the tent, etc. Although the trip by car is very long, time goes by quickly because we stop along the way to rest and take pictures. Stopping at beautiful places such as Ouarzazate and the ait ben haddou kasbah.

We really appreciate Feel Morocco for your magnificent planning. I‚Äôd like to especially mention that our driver/guide Salah was a very attentive guy, who was punctual, very helpful with whatever we asked for. He showed us beautiful places, where we could take pictures, and he explained many aspects of the culture. The desert runs through his veins, thanks so much to our friend Salah. Juan Va√Īo

Juan Va√Īo

¬†It was a fantastic experience, we have had an awesome time. Everyone was super kind with us; the hotel, the food, everything was awesome and very recommendable. We love Chaouen, we recommend it 100×100, thanks. Isabel Valadez Galiano

Isabel Valadez Galiano

 We signed up for a private two day tour through the desert of Zagora. It was an unforgettable experience.

The trip is very long, but they made it comfortable, stopping wherever we wanted, and explaining everything in our language. We stopped to see spectacular places and took all the pictures that we wanted. The 4X4 was awesome, so were the camels, the desert, the tents, the partying with people from other groups, the stars, and the sunrise. Everything went well.

Without a doubt the best experience was the people. Getting to know Bakar (the driver) and Mustapha (our guide) was an unforgettable experience. They were approachable, kind, and they were very knowledgeable, professional, and warm. They made us feel like we were a group of 5 instead of just 3.

Thanks guys, we will remember you guys forever, your friends, Cuca, Yolanda and Mar. Mar Oceja

Mar Oceja Torres

 We had a 7 day trip. We had a great guide in the city of Marrakesh. Fuat explained everything wonderfully. He also answered all of our questions.

The best part of our trip however was our tour guide/driver Moha. He was punctual, and a very cautious driver, he had a good command of our language and was very reliable. He stopped to give us many photo opportunities, and took care of us. He taught us Moroccan slang and was very patient when doing so. MOHA WAS SO EXCEPTIONAL! As far as our lodging is concerned, with exception to the tent (where we had no water and the drum show was not impressive), everything else was very comfortable. The dinner and services were exceptional.

Lastly, in Fez, we had a tour guide named Saba. She was good at showing us the Medina, but was not as great as the other guides had been.

It was a wonderful trip! Nazarena Alvarez

Nazarena Alvarez

 The trip was magnificent. The Moroccan colors are magical, the colors change as the day of light does.

We loved the planning. The lodging in Riads was enchanting. The food was delicious. We were taken to very recommendable restaurants. The drivers were kind, and knowledgeable. A few days were rough because of the heat. The air conditioning in the car was much appreciated and so was the patience shown by our guides. While riding around they shared their lives and the customs of Morocco, enriching our trip.

Nighttime in the desert, with the camels, the quads and tents was luxurious. Also our visits to the Kasbah and the medina of Marrakesh with local guides was enriching.  Marga


 I write this message in appreciation for the wonderful planning of our trip by Feel Morocco. Thanks to Christian, Maria Luz and the rest for the personal attention shown to us. Also a special thanks to Salah, who was our desert guide. Thank you for your patience, dedication, attention and great kindness. Victor Benlloch Tolsada

Víctor Benlloch Tolsada

 We traveled as a family of 14, included 7 kids, yet we had the most wonderful time. We had the best driver, Mohamed. They provided us with our own micro bus.

It was an excellent trip. Rosa Martinez Garcia

Rosa Martínez García

 From the first minute until the last, this trip that you planned superseded all of our expectations. We never had a bad moment. We were picked up on our first day in the airport in Marrakesh. Our driver, Mustafa, was very professional. He took us to Merzouga. Our other driver, Amin, took us to Fez and was very entertaining on the road. The hotels and lodging were wonderful.

Carla and I kept wondering how you could plan everything so perfectly. Kudos! Next year we will return to the north. You will hear from us. Henry Ndoci

Henry Ndoci

 It was an awesome and very personal trip. It was one of the best trips that we have ever taken. I will definitely recommend the website to my family and friends.

The lodging was beautiful and the breakfast was to die for, they recommended the best places to see and to eat at. We might just repeat, thanks for everything. Marta Ramirez Calazans

Marta Ramírez Calazans

 Our experience was spectacular. Abdu, our driver, not only drove for us, but he also gave us recommendations and also always took care of us. We went to Tangier, Rabat, and Fes. Everything was wonderful. The hotels were spectacular.

It was really a wonderful trip. Feel Morocco organized everything to a 10. Someone was waiting for us at every destination. Thank you! Sonia Farias

Sonia Farias

 Were back now from our trip to Chefaouen and Ashila. It was planned and perfectly executed, just as we had planned. Well done.

The hotels, and people were are very nice. Very helpful and caring. The drivers always drove excellently, calm and never driving crazy. We congratulate you all for the excellent work you’ve all done. We already started recommending your site to friends and family. Rafael Diaz Orio

Rafael Díaz Orio

 The name of this company suites it well, because it is truly dedicated to organizing trips through the north of Morocco. Very good planning and selection of lodging, guides and places that really represent the Moroccan culture.

Thank you Feel Morocco trips.
Shukraan Abdulah (our guide)
Shukraan Choukri, Mustaffa and Abdulah.
Greetings to our excellent driver Paco.

We will return, Insha‚ÄôAllah. Maria Soledad Castilla Monta√Īo

Mar√≠a Soledad Castilla Monta√Īo

 We returned from Morocco happy as can be. The trip was 7 nights long, it was organized by Maria Luz and it was unforgettable.

Thanks to Elayachi, our guide and driver, for our 3 days in Marrakesh, going through the route of a thousand Kasbahs and the desert until Fez. He was very professional, attentive and kind. Thanks to everyone else as well.

I 100% recommend this trip. Isabel Estevez

Isabel Estévez

 We enjoyed the experience that you gave us.

Everything went perfectly. A 10 for organization, punctuality and dependability.

We are sure we will return and repeat this experience. It is 100% recomendable. Virginia Alba

Virginia Alba

 We have returned now from our very well planned out trip by Feel Morocco. Everything was wonderful. Our guide, Salah was very agreeable and always happy to please us. His automobile was very spacious and comfortable, with everything needed to make a long drive.

The lodging was phenomenal and the Kasbah was spectacular. The night in the desert was magical and the Riads were welcoming. The itinerary was very full and made the most of our vacation days. Too bad there were not more days.

Thanks for everything. If we get a chance return to Morocco, we’ll definitively contact you once more. A family from Segovia

Una familia de Segovia

¬†The trip was impressive, we were delighted with everything, accommodation, guide, treatment…

Actually everything was perfect, we were very satisfied with the travel agency.

A pleasure to have shared this experience with you and on behalf of the group we would like to thank Mustafa and Ayashi for all they did with us and how well they treated us. Daniel Miguel Sainz

Daniel Miguel Sainz

 This experience was perfect and awe-inspiring. Everyone was super amicable and kind at all times. Everything took place, just as planned, making the most of our time.

There is no doubt that we will return for a future trip by Feel Morocco, you will hear from us again. Alicia Ruiz Ruiz

Alicia Ruiz Ruiz

 This trip surpassed our every expectation. We loved our accommodations with candlelit nights and we especially loved the desert night which was more than refined.

The team was always kind and our driver did his best to give us the most impressive experience! Fernando Casamayor

Fernando Casamayor

 The trip was fantastic!

The driver was excellent and our tour guides were too. Those who took care of us at the tents were great too.

Our expectations were really met! We will recommend your company! Nancy, Hugo, Enzo and Genaro

Nancy, Hugo, Enzo y Genaro

 I would like to say that the trip was awesome. The lodging and the people who work with you in Morocco were great.

We enjoyed staying in Kasbah in Ait ben Hadou the most. It was all a wonderful experience and without a doubt, we would recommend it.

Jalid, our guide, was great and made our experience enjoyable and fun.

The night in the tent was special. We decided to cross the desert walking because we didn‚Äôt want to have the camels carry us around. For us, it was a good decision and we feel we enjoyed it even more. Belen Benzal Mero√Īo

Bel√©n Benzal Mero√Īo

 It was one of the best trips of my life. In fact, I am already recommending it to my family and friends, and they’ve started to make reservations!

Thanks for everything. We will take another trip with your company in the future. Laura Romero

Laura Romero

 It was an excellent experience!

Everything was perfect, the lodging, the food, the landscape and especially our guide Salah. He was always ready to tell us about the places we were visiting, where to eat and where to buy souvenirs. Miriam Duarte

Miriam Duarte

¬†I just got back from my trip with my husband and kids. We spent 5 days in Marrakesh, the Kasbahs and riding camels in the desert and slept in a tent. Everything was perfect, we loved all of it. The landscape, the culture, the food, and the ‚Äúhotels‚ÄĚ, were great. The out-of-this-world desert experience was very well organized.

Without a doubt, we recommend Feel Morocco to anyone who would like to visit this fantastic land in a most gratifying way. Our teenage kids had an ‚Äúawesome‚ÄĚ time, getting use to different food and enjoyed the desert the most. They enjoyed our night in the Kasbah in Ait Ben Haddou.

We would love to return! We give our driver/guide, Mohamed a 10, he was kind and approachable. Thanks to him we were able to see the Berber reality. Annalisa Cavaliere

Annalisa Cavaliere

 The whole tour was excellent: from the reservation and payment process to the return to our hotel. The attention of our guide Mustapha was exceptional. With great patience he explained everything to us during our tour and was concerned about our comfort and well-being. Truly his service and attitude made the difference.

Definitely the private Sahara Desert Tour with Feel Morocco was the ‚Äúhighlight‚ÄĚ of our visit to Morocco. Super recommended! Vanessa Bernal

Vanessa Bernal

 Now that everything has passed and routine have taken over our lives for a long season, a precious journey remains in my memory in which I learned some things and that I would also repeat, of course with some modifications, although not too many.

But it is important for me to put on record that personally, the best memory, the one that stays with me above all else, is the smile of Mohamed. Hopefully many others will get a chance to enjoy it… and hopefully I will too.

Thank you very much to all Karina Rodriguez Lopez

Karina Rodríguez López

 The trip delighted both me and my partner. Not only cities and monuments are visited, but thanks to the guide you get to know the culture and the way of life of its inhabitants. We really enjoyed ourselves and we loved the country.

We will be back soon. Congratulations on your work! Almudena Escamilla

Almudena Escamilla

¬†This was my fourth trip to Morocco and I have to be honest, your trip was the best of the four, because of the planning, professionalism and especially because of the friendliness of all your team, from Elena at the reception to the drivers and first of all Abdoul‚Ķ a professional. I don’t want to forget the team in Erfoud, camel drivers, managers of the camp‚Ķ and what human touch‚Ķ there were percussionists‚Ķ poets‚Ķ a waiter‚Ķ our chefs‚Ķ our caregivers and especially great people and professionals.

The Hotels were excellent… the organization extraordinary… we will recommend the route to all our friends… as well as your agency… of course

There is no but… there is nothing to improve. The guide in Fez‚Ķ amazing‚Ķ he knows his work and does it with passion‚Ķ he likes his city and it shows‚Ķ and he knows his city and its history

So I really congratulate you for having such an excellent team, we will travel with you again on other routes to continue discovering that incredible country. By the way… I went with my wife and my two children… ..and they agree with each and every one of my words…. Fernando Martin Urrutia

Fernando Martín Urrutia

 The experience was a wonderful one. The treatment of the guides was excellent.

Mustafa (Saleh’s brother) was a delightful guide. He always maintained an enthusiasm throughout the trip. He explained everything to us and he never got tired of answering our questions. In addition, he took us to a place to dress up as Berbers to take a photo and did not charge us anything. I have to emphasize it because that was not included in the agenda of the trip.

I would definitely return to Morocco again thanks to the experience I had. Enrique Medina

Enrique Medina

¬†The trip was very good, everything as we had planned, without incident… the charming and very clean Riads, the attention of all the people was excellent but I would like to especially thank Fatiha (I think that‚Äôs how you spell it) for her kindness and good treatment as it made us feel right at home.

Thank you so much for everything. Juana Maria Aragon

Juana Mari Aragón

 We spent a week in different cities in northern Morocco and the experience was great.

Thank you very much to the agency for the planning, everything went perfectly, the taxis were on time, the riads magnificent, the food great and the people friendly. Without a doubt an experience worth repeating, of course with Feel Morocco. Tangier, Chefchaouen, Fez and Asilah, a very complete one-week tour.

Here’s our photo of the Fes Palacete riad. LIKE SULTANS !!!! Luisa Zabaleta

Luisa Zabaleta

 Our trip was a complete success, everything we committed to was fully accomplished. We received very good attention from Mariluz and Christian at the agency.

It is also worth noting the excellent performance of Mohamed our driver who made the trip very pleasant with his good disposition and kindness. The hotels met our expectations and their staff was very friendly. In each city the guides were an important contribution to get in-depth knowledge of the history and culture of this wonderful country.

In short, it was a beautiful experience that we hope to repeat again in the near future. Many thanks to the whole team. Roberto Inzunza

Roberto Inzunza B.

 Fabulous experience for Alberto and Paqui on our first visit to Morocco. Perfect organization, exquisite service by all the staff of Feel Morocco and in particular by Mariluz. In Chaouen the Fatiha Riad was amazing. In short, thank you very much and we’ll be traveling with you again. Alberto Bretones Felices

Alberto Bretones

¬†My son and I have just returned from a small three-day circuit organized by “Feel Morocco” in northern Morocco. Everything went great. The very good organization, and all the services -from start to finish- were up to the task.

We will travel with you again! Miguel Ros

Miguel Ros

 A few days ago we returned from doing our second circuit in Morocco, organized like the previous one by the agency Feel Morocco.

The trip has been a resounding success in every way, with their personalized treatment, especially with me because I have celiac‚Äôs disease and they always took extreme care with my food, our guide in Morocco made sure that the meals that we had were suitable for me, which I am very grateful for‚Ķ Thank you very much Hassan for your interest. Above all, many thanks to the agency Feel Morocco, creator of the trip, which has once again a success… I am already waiting for the next adventure. Lumi Fernandez Marquez

Lumi Fern√°ndez M√°rquez

 It is a magical place and by luck the travel agency that we got were marvelous guides!! I am officially in love with Morocco, and the marvelous people that are like a great family from different continents who made it possible.

I will return as soon as possible. Chaniz Rodriguez

Chaniz Rodríguez

 Dear Mariluz and Christian:

I am writing to say that our two day trip was a success. It’s was my friend and I and our children, a total of 8 people. The Riad where we stayed was as good as the one in Assilah where we were last year. The trip from Tangier-Med to Chauen felt a bit long, but it was worth it since we enjoyed Chauen very much, with its huge medina, streets. blue houses, and waterfalls filled with people. The restaurants that you recommended were very nice. On the second day we were at the waterfalls of Akchour. It is a beautiful place and without a doubt, worth visiting to spend a large portion of the day and to hike. We did it even though we were not well prepared. I recommend having a guide.

Now we are starting to think about a trip next summer, but this time to Fez. Isabel Molins de la Fuente

Isabel Molins de la Fuente (02.09.2016)

 The trip was wonderful. We chose our trip and Feel Morocco made it all possible. They were always at our disposition, responding to lot of our worries. We could contact them 24 hours a day. The driver, Hassan, was extraordinary, respectful a accompanied us at all times. Since the two of us were women, we were scared, but Hassan made us feel safe.

It was an extraordinary experience that will always be in our hearts! We want to return to visit the coastal cities. I recommend Feel Morocco and Hassan, the driver. Adriana V.

Adriana V. (07-06-2016)

 All around excellent. I travel to Morocco a lot and I love it for its exoticness. Before knowing about you I did it on my own, but now that I have discovered you, it is easier for me, even though my trips are personalized. The two times that I’ve gone have been perfect and I hope to go many more times. I hope that my experience serves as a recommendation. Clara Galvez Galvez

Clara G√°lvez G√°lvez (10.05.2016)

 It’s been a few days since we returned from Morocco, I have not had time to write and leave my comment about your travel agency until now.

The planning by Feel Morocco and the kind, cordial, and very professional treatment of Hassan, our driver and guide, were excellent. We felt good throughout the trip and this made our trip through Morocco wonderful and made us want to return again to my homeland.

Thank you Maria Luz, I am sure that we will travel with you guys again Insha‚ÄôAllah!! To√Īi Lambea

To√Īi Lambea (05.05.2016)

 First time in Morocco and without a doubt it will not be the last. Feel Morocco makes it possible for you to get to know every corner of the country, and allows you to be submerged in its people and culture. Very nice treatment by the guides and total adaptability to the suggestions of the group. It is a great idea to combine the city tour with the hiking tours. Triskina De Los Mares

Triskina De Los Mares (29.03.2016)