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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco
Moroccan travel agency. Morocco tour companies

Your Moroccan Travel Agency

Moroccan travel agency. Morocco tour companies

Your Moroccan Travel Agency

Our team—Mariluz, Christian, Paula and Rafael—are four experts on Morocco who enjoy combining their passion with their work.

Our wanderlust and continuous trips to Morocco, along with our network of local contacts makes it possible for us to provide the best advice for your trip to Morocco.

Mariluz Bejarano Villena, experta en Marruecos y que además ha trabajado junto con Jose Luis Moreno Calín y Berta Perales en Viajes Calín en Sevilla, cuya web es DescubreMarruecos com

Mariluz Bejarano
My name is Mariluz Bejarano, I was born in the Moroccan Spanish enclave of Ceuta and Morocco has been one of my main passions since I was little, and I’m fortunate enough to work as a travel agent as well as a travel writer (check out these articles).

If I had to pick just one city in Morocco, it would be with Marrakech: as soon as I hear the rhythm of the drums in the Jemaa el-Fnaa Square I feel at home.

Christian Kratzer, experto en Marruecos y que también trabajó junto con Jose Luis Moreno Calín y Berta Perales en Viajes Calín (Sevilla), cuya web es

Christian Kratzer
When I was young I spent my life traveling the world visiting countries like Tahiti, Brazil, Japan and New Zealand, until I found the best country of them all: Morocco. I am a travel agent and travel writing is one of my passions (check out these posts).

My favorite place in Morocco is Erg Chebbi. There is no better way to relax your mind than being among the immense dunes of Merzouga.

Paula Rodríguez Vázquez, otra de las expertas en Marruecos y viajes online

Paula Rodriguez
With the advances of the digital world, I chose to specialize in online travel agencies. Meeting people from all over the world has allowed me not only to expand my experience but also to enrich myself personally.

My favorite city is Chefchaouen. Losing myself in the blue world of its medina makes me forget all my stress and gives me inner peace.

Rafael Iglesias Piñero, otro de los expertos en Viajes a Marruecos (Sevilla)

Rafael Iglesias
More often than not you can find me in Morocco looking for a beauty that the modern world has almost lost. I take care of corporate branding, visibility and trust online for Feel Morocco. I also do some travel writing (check out these articles).

The medina of Fez is my favorite place in Morocco. There you can find a totally different lifestyle, with its advantages and disadvantages.

Descubre Marruecos con nosotros. Apariciones en medios

Media Appearances

We not only to offer trips to Morocco, but also promote Moroccan culture through our blog, in which we provide useful, entertaining and constantly updated information.

As a result of this effort, various media sources, both traditional and digital, ask for our collaboration, mention us as a reference or contact us for advice.

Feel Morocco, your Moroccan Travel Agency, appears in Movie Destinations

For example, Mariluz appeared in Destinos de Película (Movie Destinations), a program broadcast on TVE1 (the national television in Spain), where she gave a tour of Tangier.

Click here to see Mariluz’s TV appearance.

Your Moroccan Travel Agency Feel Morocco appears in Public Mirror

Another highlight was when Espejo Publico (the most popular morning news program in Spain) had heard about our success in getting our clients traveling in Morocco back to their home countries in record time and asked our team to speak on Morocco’s closing of the border due to the rising number of COVID cases in Europe.

It was an especially complex situation. We had to arrange for PRC tests in the middle of the night and made flight arrangements for the next day before the borders closed. The show helped to show how advantageous it can be to travel with the support of a specialized travel agency like us.

Here’s an excerpt of our participation on the program.

We have also been consulted on articles about Morocco, such as in Ling, the flight magazine of Vueling (one Spain’s main airlines), where Rafael was asked about the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech. Here is the page where they mention us.

But, above all, we take pride in the comments of the people who have trusted us to travel to Morocco. These are the testimonies of travelers who have discovered Morocco with us.