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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

Are you about to decide on a trip but have doubts about how to book it? Making a reservation with us consists of three simple steps:


First of all, once you have decided on one of the trips we offer you will have to fill in the inquiry form, detailing what is requested (date, number of travelers, etc.). Alternatively, if you can’t decide on any of them, you can contact us to guide you or offer you a customized trip.


Next, we will confirm availability and ask you to provide us with the passport details of all the travelers involved by email (full name, date of birth, passport number, expiration date and nationality). Then, we will proceed to put a temporary courtesy hold on your reservation.


Finally, we will provide you with a file number to identify your reservation and you will need to pay 25% of the total amount to put a permanent hold on the reservation. The final payment will be made 15 days before departure (in case of reservations less than 20 days in advance and for day trips, the entire trip would be paid at the time of booking).


Payment can be made in two ways:

By credit card:
you will need to access our payment methods link and indicate the amount of the trip and your details (mainly name, email and file number assigned by us). You will then access a secure external platform where you can enter your card details. For the final payment we will send you, along with the receipt, all the documentation by email.

By bank transfer: as in the previous case, all our bank details are in our link, but, even so, when we give you the file number we will provide you with the details again; With this information, you will only need to make the payment transfer using your bank’s access portal.


Bon Voyage!