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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

Payment Methods

You are accessing the payment page: choose your preferred form of payment. Keep in mind that we have provided you with a file number linked to your reservation for this purpose, so from now on the only data about your trip necessary to complete the reservation is that number.

Card Payment

pago con tarjeta

We use Stripe as our card payment method. Stripe is a secure online payment service provider (similar to paypal).

No registration is required: we will send you a personalized payment link from the platform with the exact amount you need to pay.

Payment by Bank Transfer

pago por transferencia

If you prefer, you can also pay by bank transfer. Below we provide you with our account information, so that you can make the transfer on your bank’s website:

  • IBAN Number: ES37 0182 6200 12 0201792803
  • Recipient of the transfer: Siente Marruecos, S.L.
  • Purpose: The purpose or title should include only the file number. Keep in mind that this file number is linked to your name, so it is not necessary to indicate it.