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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

General conditions of assistance insurance

All our tours come with assistance insurance, which covers contingencies and unforeseen issues at the destination. For some activites, it may or may not be included, but in any case it is detailed on the page of said activity.

Although you can consult all the insurance details at this link, as a summary we can tell you that it includes the following aspects:

Medical and health care in Morocco
Travel expenses in Morocco
Theft and material damage of luggage
Repatriation or transport of any insured who become injured and/or sick
Repatriation or transportation of any insured who die

The coverage of each of these aspects is detailed in the linked document.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that repatriation is applicable only to the point of origin of the trip (that is, from the first city in Morocco that is included in the trip). If, on the other hand, you want the insurance to cover a possible repatriation to your country of residence, please let us know so that we can suggest another insurance with greater scope.

We also make cancellation insurance available to you, but only at the time of booking. It offers the possibility of canceling the trip without expenses (only the insurance itself would be paid, which is non-refundable) provided there is justified cause.

An example of this is the death of an immediate relative, hospitalization of the traveler or an immediate relative or unavoidable and unforeseen commitments, such as summons for a trial.

You can find out more about the price and conditions of the cancellation insurance at this link.

It is important to note that any incident requiring contact with the insurance company for processing must be initiated directly by the traveler. Insurance companies typically require this to expedite the procedures. Moreover, intervening in the management process could potentially constitute a violation of the Organic Law on Data Protection. This is because mere intermediation would necessitate access to the traveler’s sensitive data, many of which pertain to their health. As a travel agency, we should not have access to such data.

Cancellation Fees

At any time the user or consumer can withdraw from the requested or contracted services, and is entitled to a refund of the amounts that he paid, whether it is the total price or a deposit, but must compensate the agency for the following:

1) Management fees, plus cancellation fees, if any, regardless of wh en the cancellation occurs.

2) In addition to what is specified in the previous section (1), if the withdrawal occurs more than 30 calendar days before departure, the user will be penalized 5% of the total value of the trip; between 30 and 21 days before the penalty will be 10%, between 20 and 10 days it will be 30% and if it is canceled during the 9 calendar days before departure or if the user does not present himself at the time of departure, the penalty will be 100% and therefore the user would not be entitled to any refund of the amount paid.

3) In the event that any of the contracted services were subject to special economic conditions, such as freight of airplanes, ships, special tariffs, etc., the cancellation expenses would be indicated in the pre-contractual information provided.

4) In the case of excursions contracted at the destination by the consumer to companies outside the agency, the latter will not have any responsibility in them, as it is not part of the aforementioned legal relationship.

5) When a force majeure event occurs and the consumer cancels the trip, he must notify the insurance company of his circumstance in order to make the cancellation insurance coverage effective if he had purchased it.

6) The consumer may transfer his reservation to a third person, provided that he communicates in writing fifteen calendar days before the start date of the trip or excursion. Such transference will not be possible when there is not sufficient cause. The transferee will have to meet the same requirements as the transferor, in general, and both will be liable jointly and severally to the agency for the payment of the price of the trip and the additional expenses derived from the transfer. If a plane transfer is included in the purchased trip, it will be necessary to add the expenses specified according to the conditions of the airline (provided that said company allows for change of name).