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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

If you wish, you can take out cancellation insurance for your trip. This must be purchased at the time of booking (never afterwards). There is no refund and it covers the cancellation in the event of an unforeseen circumstance that prevents the trip. Cancellations are not covered without duly documented justification or due to circumstances already existing at the time of booking (pre-existing diseases, for example).

Some valid examples are the death of an immediate relative, hospitalization of the traveler or an immediate relative or unavoidable and unforeseen commitments, such as summons for a trial.

The cancellation insurance can be purchased from the insurance company MAPFRE S.A., and you should contact them directly in case you want to use it.

The cost of insurance for each traveler will depend on the cost of the trip per person (regardless of the number of days or the nature of the trip):

Up to €750 → €13
Up to €1500 → €21
Up to €3000 → €35

For trips with a higher cost per person please ask for prices.

In this attached document you can see in detail the cancellation insurance conditions.