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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

Morocco Travel Blog

Morocco Travel Blog

This is a blog made by and for people who love Moroccan culture. Welcome to Feel Morocco Blog!


If you’re planning a trip to Morocco, you’ll love our posts. We write them from our heart in a fun style, but we always provide useful information for travelers. If you don’t know where to start or if you just want an overall view of Moroccan culture, weather, and getting around as a traveler, check out our detailed guide. If you want to get a close-up look at a particular destination, our location-based information is for you. If you’re not planning a trip yet, but you want to get a taste of Moroccan cuisine, try some of our recipes.

These are some of our most recent posts:

Learn how to make Moroccan tomato soup: quick, simple, and savory. A perfect snack for a cold winter day

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