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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco
Moroccan kefta recipe also known as kofta


4 SERVINGS EASY 275 CAL APPETIZER 30 MIN (18 MIN PREP + 12 MIN COOK TIME) We live in a connected world where we continually “infect” each other culturally. But there was a time when it was not like that, and it continues to fascinate me that, despite this, different civilizations have developed...
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Ouarzazate, Morocco. What to do in Ouarzazate


My biggest hobby (after traveling) is movies. And when I watch a movie I amuse myself recognizing actors and locations. Perhaps the first case can frustrate me (trying to remember in which other shows I’ve seen the same actor can become an obsession) but the second is always pleasant and...
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Rissani in Morocco. What to do, market, souks


I have to start with a confession: sometimes I hesitate to start a conversation with another fan of Morocco out of fear of embarrassment that they’ll talk about a place that I hardly know anything about or, worse yet, that I’ve never even heard of. For example, there was a certain city I hadn’t...
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Merzouga / Erg Chebbi. What to do in Merzouga desert (Morocco)

Merzouga / Erg Chebbi

Click Moment: an experience that happens along a journey, whether planned or not, that leaves a lasting impression first on your eyes and then on your heart. After a click moment you’re never the same again. Travel Dictionary by Maria Luz Bejarano I find it hard to understand a trip if I don’t...
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Where to eat in Marrakech. Best restaurants in Marrakech

Where to Eat in Marrakech

In all the years that I have accompanied other travelers to Morocco I have observed an invariable trend: everyone’s eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Morocco is such a complex experience that every traveler enjoys a slightly different aspect of it, but each and every traveler raves about the...
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Ouzoud waterfalls in Marrakech. Ouzoud Falls

Ouzoud Falls

“How do I get to the Tangier desert?” For many of you who read these articles, that comment will make you throw your hands on your head, but people interested in traveling to the north of Morocco often ask me questions like this. I think it’s common practice, in a search to advertise...
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What to see in Marrakech. What not to miss in Marrakech

What else to see in Marrakech

We’ll start the second day checking out what to see in Marrakech (for those still getting their bearings, check out the first part of the article). Today, we wake up as new people, no longer the naive traveler who landed in the city yesterday. We are now warriors hardened in a thousand battles....
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What to do in Marrakech. What is there to do in Marrakech

What to do in Marrakech

People often ask me: “If I only have one day, what is there to do in Marrakech?” Because of its complex history, there’s so much to see in this city. Everytime I visit Marrakech, I discover new things to see and do. So, it’s just not fair to or even realistic to summarize all the important...
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Akchour. Waterfalls and God’s Bridge

Akchour: Waterfalls and God’s Bridge

People who know me know that I’m not exactly passionate about sports. Every time I see people jogging down the street in the early morning a feeling of admiration invades me and I immediately resolve to change my habits and do something different on the weekend. Then I talk to my partner and he...
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Moroccan harira recipe


This Moroccan harira recipe will show you how to make one of the most common, balanced and nutritious Moroccan dishes
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Ktefa or Milk Bastilla, also known as Moroccan Milk Pastilla

Ktefa (Milk Bastilla)

The simple way to make milk bastilla, a typical Moroccan pastry with creme anglaise, also known as ktefa or jawhara
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Kasbah of Chefchaouen

Learn about the history and details of the Kasbah of Chefchaouen, the starting point of the picturesque city in northern Morocco.
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Moroccan mint tea recipe. Moroccan mint green tea

Moroccan Mint Tea

4 SERVINGS EASY 75 CAL DRINK 15 MIN (8 MIN PREP + 7 MIN COOK TIME) One of the fondest memories of my childhood growing up in Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in North Africa, was when we would take a family road trip to nearby Morocco and my parents would let me have a cup of mint tea. Like the...
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Moroccan Arabic vocabulary. Moroccan Arabic phrases

Moroccan Arabic: Phrases and Vocabulary

I have always thought that one of the greatest possible cultural assets is to have your own language or dialect. What can identify a place more than having its own language rules? For this reason, I think it is necessary to talk about Moroccan Arabic. Don’t be scared off by the length of this...
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What to do in Fez. What to see in Fez

What to do in Fez

Check out what to see in Fez including all of the hidden gems with a simple walking tour of the medina
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Moroccan avocado smoothie. Avocado banana smoothie

Moroccan Avocado Smoothie

2 SERVINGS EASY 330 CAL DRINK 15 MIN (10 MIN PREP + 5 MIN COOK TIME) A couple of days ago I remembered having a delicious smoothie while looking at the colorful patchwork of the stalls in the Djemaa de Fnaa square, and the idea to post an avocado banana smoothie recipe came up almost by itself....
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Morocco travel tips. All you need before visiting Morocco for the first time

Morocco Travel Tips

I would like to start with a confession: today’s post was one of the most exciting for me to write but, at the same time, the one that gave me the most pause. Today, dear readers, we will talk about some useful Morocco travel tips. I wanted to be very sure of a number of issues: first,...
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Bou Inania Madrasa in Fez. Bou Inania Medersa

Bou Inania Madrasa in Fez

Learn about the best preserved and most elegant madrasa in Fez, Bou Inania, and all the features that make it unique
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Moroccan chicken couscous. Couscous with chicken and vegetables

Moroccan Chicken Couscous with Vegetables

4 SERVINGS MODERATE 520 CAL ENTRÉE 110 MIN (20 MIN PREP + 90 MIN COOK TIME) Whether we like it or not, we all get stuck in a rut every now and again, cooking and eating the same old food. So, it’s nice to break up the routine and try something new from time to time. I hope this Moroccan...
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Islamic Calendar. Muslim Calendar

The Islamic Calendar

What would we do without dates? Many times it seems they’re our enemies. They remind us of the passing of the years. A date can remind us of an event that happened years ago and it feels unreal (even kind of scary) that so much time has passed since then. But if we visualize our life as if it...
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Sleeping in the sahara desert. A night in the desert

Sleeping in the Sahara Desert

At the tender age of five, I set up a makeshift camp inside my home. At 16, I set up my tent in a friend’s yard for a sleepover. The summer I turned 20, I used it again when I went to a music festival. Just before I turned 30, I enjoyed for the first time the experience of sleeping in the...
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Fez tannery in Morocco. Tannerie chouara in Fes

Tanneries of Fez

Every time I discover a new crowded place I like to get a bird’s-eye view of it. It’s funny how it seems to acquire a new meaning: individuals stop being just individuals and become part of something bigger. This article features possibly the most iconic bird’s-eye view in all of...
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Getting around Morocco. Transportation in Morocco. Travel around Morocco

Getting Around Morocco: Tips on Transportation in Morocco

Discover different methods of Transportation in Morocco, the advantages and disadvantages of each and what it costs to travel around Morocco
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Haggling in morocco. Bargaining in Morocco

Haggling in Morocco

There has been much talk and debate about how to haggle in Morocco, although most of the literature on the subject focuses on the seller and the aces he keeps up his sleeve. I think it’s necessary to approach it from a different perspective, since most of the efforts of the seller are focused...
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Ramadan in Morocco. Visiting Morocco during Ramadan

Ramadan in Morocco

When Ramadan is approaching, people usually ask me if I recommend traveling to Morocco during Ramadan, which is a reasonable question, since it’s completely different from any time, with certain advantages and disadvantages. But before answering the question, I think it’s better to first...
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The best option without a doubt for Morocco money exchange is to exchange your money once you arrive in Morocco

Morocco Money Exchange: How, How Much, When and Where

In all my experience there is a doubt that always, always arises for all travellers to Morocco: how to exchange for dirhams and, above all, how much to exchange … So, if you’re newbies to these issues and want to start your trip well-informed, I advise you to read all the information...
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