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Travel to Morocco with Feel Morocco

Morocco Private Tour

Morocco Private Tour

If you’re looking for a private tour of Morocco, with a specific itinerary, departure dates, accommodations or services, feel free to ask us for advice with no commitment.

In addition, we remind you that all our trips to Morocco are private and 100% customizable. You can know more about our tailor-made trips at this link.

Answer six simple questions and we’ll propose a detailed itinerary.

1. How many travelers in your party?

2. When would you like to travel? (an approximate date is enough)

3. How many days would you like travel for?

4. Where would you like to start your journey?

5. Where would you like it to end?

5. What is your approximate per person budget? (show in Euros)

6. Describe your ideas for your trip (places to visit, activities, etc.)

Finally, we need your contact information.

I accept the privacy policy